Varieties of vases made from Bohemian glass

Despite the fact that many years have passed since the appearance of Bohemian glass, products made from it are popular to this day.

Vases made by Czech craftsmen are a fairly common decoration for interiors.

Bohemia Crystal vases are called crystal, although, in fact, it is glass with a high content of lead, which gives the product its strength. The products of this company can be purchased online, including buying fruit vases on the website

Bohemian crystal vases can be divided into three main types, which are based on the manufacturing method:

  1. Vases with a smooth edge. Craftsmen highlight it with color or process it with precious metal;
  2. A rather rare variety of vases with a scalloped edge, since such varieties of Bohemian crystal are not very popular;
  3. Cut edges inherent in the products that the designers worked on.

In addition to manufacturing methods, Bohemian crystal vases are available in various shapes, ranging from classic flower items to jardinieres resembling graceful flower glasses and floor-standing ones, which are often used as a part of the interior.

It is very difficult to write about the versatility of design imagination, since it is not conveyed in words, it is better to visit the official website and carefully examine the catalog.

Benefits of purchasing Bohemian glass vases

As mentioned above, Bohemian glass products have not lost their popularity for a long time. Buying vases made by Czech craftsmen has a number of advantages:

  1. It is not a shame to present a vase made of Bohemian crystal for a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, wedding, etc .
  2. They fit perfectly into some types of interior.
  3. Despite the fact that fashion trends are constantly undergoing changes, the fashion for Bohemian crystal and glass remains timeless.
  4. The purchase of antique and designer items can be called a wise investment, since at auctions you can often find lots of such a plan.

Bohemian crystal and glass are widely used not only in the manufacture of tableware. They make wonderful interior items such as chandeliers, sconces, figurines.

The nobility and high cost of the material makes it possible to cut and inlay jewelry with it. Such a stone is called a Swarovski crystal; it is made by cutting Bohemian crystal.