Czech glass: distinctive features and selection criteria

Bohemian glass is the pride of the Czech Republic, which has excellent characteristics. It perfectly combines elegance, unique beauty and perfection.

Since the famous manufacturer adds lead to the glass mass, it acquires the properties of crystal. Unlike conventional glass products, the Bohemian versions let in more light, they are cleaner and stronger.

The main secret of the success of this brand with a global reputation is modern production technologies, interesting design solutions and impeccable product quality.

Main advantages

Unique tableware made of bohemia hand made glass at all times admired the highest quality and craftsmanship. The undeniable advantages of this material can be safely attributed to the following:

  • crystal transparency and unique gloss;
  • high quality;
  • perfect shapes and exquisite design;
  • rich assortment;
  • affordable price.

The use of pyrolusite in the composition allows you to achieve absolute transparency and uniformity.

A distinctive feature of the glass of this brand is a melodic chime.

Due to its uniqueness, products made of this glass never lose their relevance.

Selection features

For a competent purchase, it is recommended to purchase from reliable and trusted sellers who offer high-quality and certified products.

Dishes made of this glass should not contain various inclusions of small particles or air bubbles. Like crystal, it shimmers with all the shades of the rainbow. When buying, it is necessary to inspect the product for the presence of chips and cracks.

This glass can be of the following types:

  • transparent;
  • color;
  • with modeling.

To obtain a pink shade, the manufacturer uses manganese, for green-iron, and to achieve a red shade, it adds copper to the composition.

Depending on the processing, this glass can be engraved, polished or painted.

Unlike other materials, when you touch a glass of this brand, it responds with a melodic ringing. Also, high-quality dishes made of Bohemian glass are light in weight.

It is recommended to wash this dish in warm water with the use of soft detergents without abrasive particles in the composition.